Katherine's love for the body and how it moves lead her down the path of Sports Medicine and then exploring the healing capacity of massage therapy.  Katherine's massage style and focus is based around balancing proper movement, body mechanics, and the connective tissue - fascia. 


The "style" of massage technique that she applies is most related to the Structural Integrative approach, she began this journey in 2000 after receiving her Bachelors of Science in Sports Medicine.  She has a vast knowledge of the Musculo-Skeletal system of the body and educates her clients during the sessions on the best ways to keep the body in optimal alignment. 


Katherine has always and will continue to be a student of the body and mind.  The marriage between the knowledge of massage and the practice of yoga creates a well balanced, relaxing, and informative session.  This is the only body we get in this life time, we need to learn to be sensitive, listen, and be kind to our amazing vessels!


Katherine has been studying yoga since 2001 and has the the opportunity to teach since 2004. The philosophy and Universal Principles of Alignment of the Anusara Yoga method have had the most influence on Katherine's life, yoga practice, and teaching style, unveiling the deepest experience and understanding of connection between the spirit, mind, & body. It is this understanding that fuels her teachings, Katherine encourages her students to remember the importance of having fun and how to play in the realms of the mind and body liberating the spirit.  She has learned through experience that creating proper alignment in the mind and body allows for freedom in heart.  


It is through the power of these potent teachings that Katherine's light playful nature lives and her teaching encourage others to do the same. Ms. Wilder is also a very at home in the water and absolutely loves surfing. Throughout the SwellWomen retreats, Katherine will guide you through multiple asanas to strengthen the areas of the body needed for surfing, as well as opening the areas that take the most abuse when your on your surf board.  I look forward to seeing you on the mat and in the water!